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Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from customers.  If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact us.


Should I slope my flat roof?

Sloping should be considered if the existing structure causes the roof to pond for a prolonged period of time. A general rule of thumb is that if the water evaporates within 72 hours this is generally acceptable. If ponding occurs for a prolonged period of time, and extra drainage cannot be added, then the extra cost for sloping a roof should be considered. In order for certain flat roofing systems to meet manufacturer’s extended warranties sloping is a must.

How do I know if the insulation needs to be changed or upgraded?

Insulation should be changed or upgraded if it is wet, does not meet existing building codes for the area, or if the existing insulation is damaging the structure (rusting metal decking, etc.). It also increases savings on utility bills.

My contractor says I can save on cost by using materials leftover from previous jobs?

In this case cutting cost means cutting quality. You do not want your new roof to be installed with mis-matched materials. This can cause leaks and cracks. It is more advisable to spend a little more for quality work.

My neighbour works for a roofing business and does roof repairs and installation by himself in his spare time. Should I enlist his services?

It is very important to have a written contract documenting scope of work, start and end date, liabilities and warranties. Check if your neighbour can provide you with adequate references, licenses, all the necessary paperwork and will accept a cheque or credit card payment.